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Alright, my brother plans on buying a new laptop. He is a DJ and loves the thin portability and weight of MacBook Pros. He plans on buying the $2,200 Macbook Pro with retina. I tell him it is a huge waste of money and am trying to buy the HP Pavillion g6t-2200 select edition. Not the $500 dollar edition though the fully upgraded one which has the following: 8 gigabytes of ram, 3rd gen intel core i7 processor running at 2.2 ghz, 2 gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics card, and a 1TB hdd. This laptop comes in at 1k, same thickness and weight as the $2,200 MBP. My brother also loves OS X so the system could just be dual booted. So i'm wondering, is this a serious cash saver or what? How does the graphics card aforementioned perform compared to the Intel HD Graphics 4000/
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5 memory (both are mentioned in the specs of the $2,200 macbook pro with retina). Most importantly how should i convince him, he is rather stubborn, as am i. Thank you.
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  1. People that like Apple products are incredibly loyal to Apple and do not easily give up thier devices. Apple is known for being photo and music friendly to the extent that the Pc cannot compete. If your brother is going to be using the macbook pro for music and videos and photo's then no amount of coaxing will turn him. Especialy with the retina display , the Pc does not have that.
    If your brother is into gaming then that may be the only area that you can work on, as the Pc does hold the edge in that respect.
  2. Honestly one can barely notice the difference of the retina display because the screen size is too small. It might make a small difference but not really. The specs of the HP will bloooooooooooow the apple if he decides to do any sort of editing whether it be photos or even music. There are amazing programs for music editing on the pc. If he is committed to OS X and will not heed, you can do as you proposed. Also if he really likes the thing and light portability, is he considering the Macbook Air? It starts at about $1,000(note: around there i forget the exact).
  3. Thanks for the advice guys but he won't budge he would rather waste money on apple lol. Instead of paying 20 dollars for os x mountain lion and dual booting oh well xD
  4. As I said people that have Apple products and have been using them will not budge , you've seen that comercial on tv with the long lines at the Apple store and they are all complaining about certian features. Well they don't have some of the features but they are still in line and Andriod users have better featres biy they are hpoeing the Apple gets those features instead of buying the Android.
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