Where to buy a laptop with a french keyboard?

Hi guys,

Ask you might know from my other thread, I had ordered a Dell laptop and had to cancel (they are out of stock of i7s). I live in France and so I absolutely need a French keyboard. I want a high-end desktop replacement, cerca 1700 euros, but not something as big as a gaming laptop (ala dell xps).

The closest that I could find was the HP dv8-1100, BUT it only has a 4 cell battery, and seems to have a low end video card.

Here are the specs that I would like:

1. Screen:
LED if possible
Min Res: 1920x1080
Min size: 17”

2. Processor i7, minimum: Intel® Core™i7-820QM
3. Hard drive(s) 1TB
4. RAM : 6GB min
5. Good video card, e.g. GeForce GTX 260M
6. Bluetooth integrated
7. 8 cell battery

Any ideas where I can get something close to this in france or in the uk with a french keyboard?
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  1. What your looking for is an uber high end laptop, probably one that you would have to be custom built on a website. As for the keyboard, you could try going to the French version of a computer retailer's website and see if the keyboard is the French layout.
  2. Another option is to buy a normal laptop, and then buy some stickers to add to your keyboard.
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