Recommendation for a new Headset.

Sound quality is a big big deal for me, I'm looking to buy the best USB headset for under $100.

These are my options so far:

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha USB Connector Circumaural Headset [...] 6826158092 , seen on a review that they have outstanding sound quality at a great price, and they're backed up by THX too.


Creative Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset [...] er%20arena, which many people say they're the most comfortable they've tried, and also deliver amazing sound quality.

Also been looking at some sennheisers, but those are 6.3mm with a 3.5 adapter, and they're only usb headsets aren't very good and also out of my price range.

I want to stick to USB headsets because everyone knows how crappy onboard sound can be when it comes to powering high-end headphones.
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