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A friend of mine gave me an old laptop that was broken, It wasnt worth salvaging as a laptop so I decided to gut it and see what I could do with the bits and pieces. I Have a HP g71 Laptop monitor unhooked and removed from the laptop. I wanted to ask the community if they have any information on reusing the model as an extra display or possibly outputting my phone or some other use to it. It has 4 wires that I detached from the body of the laptop and I have no idea whats what any ideas? Included are links to pics of said inputs.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. not really a whole lot you can do with it other than as a replacement for another laptop of the same model. maybe ebay it and get a few bucks out of it.
  2. I find a guy who sells controller boards on ebay, Im probably find the data sheet for this lcd and get one from him and build/buy a custom enclosure and use it. If anyone has more Info on it the actual panel number is LP173wd1-TL-C2
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