Acer 5534 problems

I have a Acer 5534

The problem I am having is that my laptop does not fully work without the ac adapter being plugged into it.The problem only affects 4 things(everything else works fine) and it only happens when I don’t have my computer on the ac adapter/ or I forget to plug it in later( which I can fix by plugging it in numerous times)
The things that mess up are

1.Windows Photo Viewer- Photos never load!
2.When playing video-only audio works
3.When I try to play DVD movie it says “Windows media player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your windows display settings .Open display settings in control panel, and then try lowering your screen resolution and color quality setting”
4. The screen saver does not work and says something about not having direct 9.0 (when they do work it has no problem at all and it works)

I can really only solve the problem by making sure my ac adapter charger is plugged into the laptop when I turn it on. And if I forget to plug it in when I turn it on it will work if I plug it in a few times( and i can even take the ac adatpter off after I get the programs to work)
~~~~~~Help, I would really enjoy if my laptop would load up with all its power and I could travel with it! (with this problem I have to make sure the ac adapter is plugged in at least once to charge it upt and make sure it works at perfect power *which means i have to load it up plug ac adapter into it,get it to work, take ac adapter out, and make sure i don't turn the laptop off!!!!
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  1. Does sound as though the battery is on the way out.

    It's true that some laptops switch to lower screen illumination as soon as you switch to battery but it shouldn't affect processor speed etc unless the battery is low.
  2. I've only had my laptop around 3 months and it's been doing it from the start(so I hope they wouldn't give me a half-dead battery). But thanks I'll check it out!
  3. I just checked back with the Acer website to see if they had updated anything and I found they added a FAQ question that was similar to what was happening to the photo viewer. I just got the problem solved!!!!!! It works now. It ended up being that I did not have my computer on maximum performance on battery!!
    1.Click on Windows Icon
    2.Click on Control panel
    3.Click on Power Options
    4.Click Change Plan settings
    5.Click on Change Advanced Power Options
    6.Scroll down to ATI Graphics Power Settings
    7. Click it twice
    8. Set options as
    Battery:Maximum Performance
    plugged in: maximum Performance
  4. This laptop came with batteries manufactured by Sony, panasonic and other that i dont remember, some bateries have a bad code in firmware, for that you must upgrade the battery firmware, most of those batteries are the ones with the model: AS09D7
  5. I Just wanted to check in just in case someone comes across this board with the same problem. I fixed it up their and it has been working fantastically since then!
  6. for the problem 2:" When playing video-only audio works ",actually avi is not a good video format for portable devices ,such as mp3,mp4 player . mp4 video format has better on these devices , so you need to convert your avi file into mp4 file with some program called video converter. it can convert video between any common video format and codecs.
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