one of my kids did something i have a new modem/router from comcast it worked fine but my 5 year old did somethig to it . all devices show as connected 6 total but one sees the network but on the computer itself has the lil yellow symbol n says no internet access! when i use linux it works fine???
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  1. If you have recieved the modem/router from Comcast have you called thier tech sypport ?
    You may need to do a reset of the modem/router and then restart the computers.
    What you do is uplug the modem/router and disconnect the cables from the computers, then plug in the modem and let it lock the signal and then connect the wires and start up the computers.
  2. 1. Why was 5 year old touching the router?
    2. If you can connect to internet on Linux then it might be drive issue in Windows.
    3. In windows, uninstall the Ethernet driver and reinstall it, quick way to try and fix the issue.
    4. If that does not work: you can reset your modem, follow the following instructions:

    I wasn't sure if you meant all computers, but one can connect fine, or just 1 can connect.
  3. The first thing you need to try is disconnecting everything from your router including the power for 30 seconds and then plug it all back in. If that does not work and you don't have any custom config on it, there should be a little buttion on the back of the device. You'll want to press and hold it for about 10 seconds. This will reset it back to its defaults and should work again.
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