New Headsets for gaming,music and movies $50 budget

I've been looking at a few headsets so far since my steelseries siberia just died the other day. Now I game alot but it doesn't have to be really amazing. I play bfbc2, lol l4d no more css or cs cause it boring. Noticed every headset you can tell footsteps etc... So i need one for decent sound in bfbc2, good in movies and music. Doesn't have to have a mic since I have a desktop mic.

sennheiser hd202

steelseries 4h

or if anyone has any other ones that will be better it would help thanks in advance.
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  1. I have HD 202 and I use them for gaming (Medal of Honor, Total War Series, BFBC2) And they work well, pretty clear. Music sounds good too, so i would get the Sennheisers.
  2. I was actually planning on ordering those headsets and rocking them. But I submitted a rma ticket for my 2-3year old siberia in any hopes to get them fixed and they offered me a 50% and free shipping off new pair of headsets. so ima get the siberia v2 full size headsets since its gonna be $45 and i was pleased with the og.
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