Printer driver - bang head on keyboard

Win 7 64 bit
Canon mf4370dn

Just shoot me.

This printer driver is killing me. Apparently something is corrupted. I cannot uninstall this driver.

I try to install the new driver and it says that an older driver exists.

It cannot find the driver or device in safe mode.

I tried safe mode and it says that the default port is missing and it will not install.

The safe mode device manager does not show the printer. The add/remove programs does not show any printer drivers installed, neither does normal start. Therefore I cannot uninstall the driver via the usual methods.

Upon restarting, the printer magically shows up in the printers/devices, but it always has a pending print job and will not uninstall. The print job cannot be cancelled, but when the spoiler service is stopped/started to get rid of the job the printer disappears from the printers/devices.

The printer does not appear under the hardware manager.

Right clicking the printer when it is visible after restarted will not let me remove it (because of the pending job), and the driver is not accessible.

Man, this is driving me nuts. I just want to get rid of this driver so I can install one that works.
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  1. Have you tried a driver sweeper program? That may able to take care of it.
  2. delete the pending print job (it might not delete) and then reboot the computer. sometimes this will delete the print job.

    also make sure that print job is delete from the computer that sent it if it was sent via network.
  3. Driver sweeper couldn't find anything because windows doesn't seem to think its installed.

    The print job cannot be deleted or cancelled. Restarting the spooler service kills the print job, but then the printer disappears.
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