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I recently just purchased a new hard drive for my laptop as the old one was going out and was dropping system files untill it would no longer boot. So i bought a new WD 120gig hard drive and just installed windows 7 on it. As i was trying to install it, it blue screened twice but then i got it installed and installed mozilla and did all the updates. It can't install like 6 of the 20 updates and when i try to install those it blue screen's. I cant even get the computer up and running in safe mode either. Some of the blue screen error's are a driver intql something, memory management, process initialization failed and a few other that i cant remember. Why is this doing this? Do i need to install a new driver with the hard drive or what? Its really getting on my nerves and i just wanna chuck the thing. Help please :D
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  1. Well i got it figured out, i had a bad stick of ram and that was causing it to do all kinds of crazy things! Thanks for the help :)
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