Black friday hdtv for under 300?

I'm looking to buy an hdtv for my room and don't want to break the bank. I'd love to catch a deal on Black Friday. I'm thinking a 32" screen would be more than enough (it's just a small bedroom in a house that I rent). $300 is the maximum and I wouldn't mind finding something around the $200 range as long as it's known to be reliable (I doubt I'll be particularly picky b/c I don't have much else to base my taste off of). I'm really pretty clueless as I've never bought/owned an hdtv so any suggestions would be great!
How is this deal for a samsung 32" at walmart? Should I jump on it or can I do better?
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  1. Best buy has a Thanksgiving weekend only special, 42" Sharp LCD 1080p HDTV for $200... not sure how good it is.

    You can find the deal in their ads:
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