Looking for keyboard for htpc

Looking for a keyboard with:
1. bluetooth
2. touch pad
3. backlit

Does anyone make one? Can't seem to find one anywhere...

We also need a bluetooth mouse, so I don't mind buying a set. Mouse will be for using the laptop normally, keyboard is for playing You Don't Know Jack on the TV. Needs 15 foot range.

Want to avoid dongle and the laptop has built in blue tooth.
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  1. You may wish to consider a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000. I have the 7000, which differs only in that it lacks the backlit keys of the 8000, which I didn't want.

    My 7000 is an excellent HTPC keyboard. Lots of dedicated keys for its role as a Media Center PC keyboard. It comes with a seperate mouse but there's also a really small mouse pad on the keyboard itself. It comes with a Bluetooth dongle but would probably work with the Bluetooth in your laptop.

    Both keyboard and mouse battery life are excellent - seems forever - and the range is good too, certainly 15 feet. Maybe the backlighting would kill an 8000 a bit though!

    I usually drive my dedicated HTPC with a Harmony 1000 remote, leaving mouse & keyboard in a closet with the PC. I only use it if I need to do some serious tweaking but it's always ready for use.

    These keyboards are expensive and seem to be drifting out of the MS product line - you might want to see/try one first especially as they are very expensive!


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