Xp 2600 w/ 266mhz bus

I want to get the most (mnfg recommended)cpu in my Soyo KT333 Black. So it says 2600 @ 266 bus. Does anyone know where i can find one? Its the T-bred rev. B i think. But on one has it. The only thing i come close to finding is a 200 dollar MP chip. If anyone has any other ideas let me know.

-Cheers Tim

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  1. Here is a link to the pricewatch.com specific page for the 266fsb TbredB 2600. The cheapest price is 119.


    If that link doesnt take it to it, then jsut go to www.pricewatch.com>under the category of CPU select CPU>new bottom window will open and then select "$119 - Athlon XP 2600 "

    If you know how to use PW, sorry if i sound like im teaching a 2 yr old.(damn little brats.)a few of them running around right now.

  2. Or you could buy a 2400 and if your motherboard gives you the multipliers run it at 2600 speed easily.
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