My computer has suddenly started freezing constantly

A few days ago everything was running fine then suddenly my computer freezes for around 2 mins at a time and I can't alt ctrl del or anything and then it just starts working as normal and loads anything that I clicked to open before the freeze. I have ran a full nortons system scan, full malwarebytes scan and used powersuite and tuneup 2013 but it's still acting like this. I have played a certain video game for a long time and it has low system requirements so I ran it on max settings for years with 60 fps and now I can't even run it on the lowest without dropping to 6 fps every few seconds (then back to 60). I have updated my drivers too. Even when I play diablo 2 it lags... it has nothing to do with my pc specs
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  1. Sounds like a ram fault off hand but that is tricky. My first response here would be to run MemTest86+ and see if you find any errors in a 12 hour run. You might also run some anti-virus/anti-malware programs while in 'safe mode' if you haven't done that.
    Hope it helps
  2. I ran mem test for 12 hours and it gave 0 errors but when I restarted my pc it couldn't load windows. I did the repair thing and left that overnight and it let me log on in the morning. When I logged in it said my windows was not genuine (I've been using that legit copy for over two years and its never said that) and it also won't let me connect to the Internet. I'm assuming its a problem with my hard drive and am currently backing up my data. Te computer is still freezing all the time
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