Keyboard works at Vista login screen but not after

I'm able to type in the password to login fine but once logged into Vista it becomes unresponsive even though the touchpad works (if relevant).

It appears to be all keys, nothing happens when using the enter key or tab key on the desktop etc.

No notifications of errors in Device Manager but I thought I'd try reinstall the driver anyway.

On the Dell Support website for the product 2Y43W3J under input devices it only lists 3 drivers none of which appear to be for the keyboard?

There are no restore points set.
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  1. If relevant the keyboard doesn't work in safemode once logged in either.

    The drivers listed in CP - classic view - keyboard - hardware are:

    Standard PS/2 keyboard
    Microsoft eHome remote control keyboard keys
    Microsoft eHome MCIR keyboard
    Microsoft eHome MCIR109 keyboard

    All of which Vista reports are working correctly, none of which can be uninstalled which I think is only because they're the default.

    Also, holding down fn and then pressing f8 which has a picture of a lock on it does nothing, in normal mode or safemode.

    I'm thinking malware or is this ruled out because the problem also occurs in safemode?

    I was going to try Bitdefender boot CD, Malwarebytes Antimalware and Microsoft Security Essentials.
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