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June 12, 2003 8:40:02 PM

I have a ABIT BH6 v1.0 motherboard that I would like to use with Intel's P3 733 MHz CPU.

Motherboard fetures Intel's 440BX chipset (82443BX / 82371EB), and CPUs PentiumIII/Celeron 450~700 MHz, at 66 MHz Bus, processor cartridge.

Now, What would happen If I install a 733 Mhz CPU ? Would that affect motherboards lifetime?

Sould it be enought if I set the multiplicty-factor so that the frequency does not override 700 MHz ?

Motherboard page @ ABIT:

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June 13, 2003 12:13:42 AM

Forget Abit's info, they don't tell you what you need!

OK I've owned a few of these boards, I believe the later revisions supported a 1/4 PCI divider, but I know for certain the earliest versions did not.

At 133MHz FSB (which is supported by your board), a 1/3 PCI divider would run your PCI cards at an insane 44MHz, while the 1/4 divider would allow the standard 33MHz PCI clock.

At any rate, the CPU will work fine. Whether or not you can run it at full speed depends on your board revision (being able to use the 1/4 PCI divider). At 100MHz bus, it will run 550MHz. At 133MHz bus, you get full 733 speed.

You also need PC133 SDRAM to run 133MHz bus speeds.

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June 13, 2003 6:14:09 PM

Thank you on your reply.

Is an upgrade from Intel's 300A Celeron to P3 733 worth to do on this board ?


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June 13, 2003 6:47:19 PM

i wouldnt really say its worth it, just buy a really cheap AMD board and get a cheap AMD processor. you can get both of them for like 150 Bucks. You might need to get a different psu, but it would defiently be worth the upgrade from your cel300A or even a P3 733. If you want to do this sort of swap/upgrade i can get you some board models and cpu prices for what would be good for your applications.
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June 13, 2003 10:00:32 PM

It depends on how cheap the PIII 733 is. You can check your BIOS to see what PCI speeds are available with 133MHz bus, and make your decision from there (if you have 33MHz PCI at 133MHz CPU bus, you can run it at 733. Otherwise you can run it at 550MHz/100MHz bus).

You could put a Tualatin Celeron 1400 on that board ($50) with an Upgradeware Slot-T adapter ($20) and get decent performance at 100MHz bus.

Of course if it supports 133/33 CPU/PCI bus ratio, you can use the 733, or any other PIII for that matter, or a Tualatin Celeron 1100@1466 with Slot-T adapter (which works much better than a stock 1400 because of the higher memory speed).

Any attempt at 133MHz bus assumes you have PC133 memory.

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June 14, 2003 3:48:22 AM

I just reread your original post. I don't believe there was a way to enable the 1/4 PCI divider on the v1.0 board, therefore 133MHz bus seems impossible (even though the chipset would allow it, it looks like the clock generator doesn't).

So the 733 at 550 would be a nice upgrade from the Celeron at 450, but not a huge leap. For that I suggest a Celeron 1400 and a Slot-T adapter.

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