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New Computer CPU Problem

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June 13, 2003 8:06:27 AM

I have recently made my new PC from scratch, it came with a 350W PSU (in the case) . Other than this the spec is
MSI K7N2-L motherboard (nForce 2 chipset, LAN, USB2.0)
AMD Athlon 2400xp +
Radeon 9500 128mb
512DDR @ 2700
80GB Seagate, 60GB Maxtor
Windows XP Pro
CDRW (52x24x52) and a dvd drive and floppy

When i first set the system up it said i had not connected the PSU to the Graphics card, so i did, on realised the PSU was already connected i assumed the PSU must not be enough so swapped it for a 400W PSU, this worked and the computer ran fine ... at 100FSB only though, when i upped it to 133 it crashed every time after about 2 minutes (sometimes sooner) or whenever i tried to play a game. Again, maybe it was the PSU not being good enough so i baught a brand new 550W dual fan From Q-Tec. This worked at 133FSB until i tried to play a game again as the system crashed :( 

Does anyone have any ideas why i cant run it at 133FSB when tryin to play a game or sometimes when simply booting up. COuld it be the G-Card not liking the nForce 2 chipset?? ANy ideas PLEASE help me!! i am currently running the 2400xp at 100FSB making it just a 1800+ :(  Help wood be much appreciated

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June 13, 2003 9:28:11 AM

This seems to be recurring with Msi boards. Check to make sure jumpers 10 and 11 are right, not safe mode and not 100 fsb. Then bump the ram voltage (in bios) by 1/10 of a volt.Let us know what happens.
June 13, 2003 3:15:33 PM

tried it. didnt work, it was already at 2.6 so i also tried knocking it down to the usual 2.5 that didnt work either. I upped the AGP to 1.7 to see if that helped and again i crash when tryin to start a game. I also tried disabling fast writes as someone else suggested but yet again no luck. So now im back to 2.6 DRAM and the rest is as you would expect.

Any other ideas?
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June 13, 2003 3:40:50 PM

I've had similar problems to this before, and 9/10 times it's the graphics card running too hot. Boot it up and try a game, then check your card.

Anyone who had a Voodoo 3 3000 without a fan knows about that prob :(  nasty.

In the majority of cases I've found that the game just crashes to the desktop with no error message, which makes it frustrating.

Hope this helps.
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June 13, 2003 11:02:18 PM

I would go into the bios hardware monitor and check the reading for the cpu vcore. It should be about 1.6 volts. If it's any lower, I would raise it to that level or a little higher. If your cpu still won't run at 133 fsb, I would rma the board. I would also try manually setting the dram timings to case 2.5-6-3-3 and see if that helps.
June 14, 2003 12:00:56 AM

I have almost the exact same problem with my K7N2D-ILSR. I have a athlon 2000+ that will only run at 100fsb as well. I am pretty sure the cpu is running too hot at 133fsb, so I am going to try some better cooling. Other that, I dont know what the problem is, and msi hasnt been very helpful

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June 14, 2003 1:18:13 AM

Sounds like you got the stuff from a local computer shop.
Please take it in and have them check it out. I think its a conductivity problem with the north bridge, but no way to check it out. Please let us know if the store fixes or rmas the board.
June 14, 2003 2:03:36 AM

i got all the stuff from and because i cant identify exactly what is playin up i cant send any of the stuff back :(  only chance ive got is waitin for MSI or ATI or someone to identify the issue and sort it out i guess :? or wait for someone else with same problem to figure out how to fix it :(  please, if anyone does find out how to sort the issue out post in here so i can sort this problem out

Much appreciated, Mark
June 15, 2003 8:10:46 AM

just thought id add here i have sorted my problem out by simply upping the FSB slowly i am now at 131 FSB which isnt quite as fast as i should be able to go on this processor (2400+) but its stable. I do believe it is in fact a heatin issue as my processor seems to be running quite hot at this speed (between 45 and 52*) so if anyone else has problems check ur fans etc then try what i have done
June 16, 2003 5:15:45 AM

Just for kicks...... you are using an ATI card. There is a known bug within xp and ATI cards that XP does not set the HF frequency on for the monitor correctly. Download the latest drivers and there are a few tools that you can get that will help force the Hf frequency on the monitor. The reason why it crashes is the monitor frequency does not match up with what DirectX is asking it to be... when this happens the monitor hangs, and then the comp. A good clue would be if it runs fine under normal usage and only crashes in 3d intensive games. Not 2d but 3d. This has been my experience as I also have an ATI card. The Cat.3.2 drivers did not fix the issue but the Cat. 3.4 drivers did... just a suggestion and possible solution

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June 16, 2003 8:56:19 AM

You might want to bring the multiplier into the mix as well. I had my 2400 running at 133 X 16 for a while before I went to 166 X 13. Think I also ran at 16.5 X 133 for a bit but with 1.7v to the cpu. Play around and see what works best. You might even try 166 at 12X. It probably wont post, but then you just reset the bios. Hell half the fun of computers is fiddling with them.
June 16, 2003 9:37:23 AM

Hi! If you think its a heat probelm (I Dont) remove the lid of the case and run the computer without the lid for a while. But frankly, this dosen't seem to be a heat problem and if you got all the parts from the same shop DO return it and let them worry.


June 16, 2003 9:43:32 AM

Hello UHR! I had the same problem with my ATI 9000PRO and couldn't get the refreshrate above 60Hz no matter what I did whit my verynice EIZO 19" screen. Finally (since I wasn't about to give the GFXcard up at that time) I switched monitor with a friend and got a somewhat newer Compaq 19". Now everything is fine. But I saw in the latest ATI controlpanel (a supplement to the driver) that there were a way of setting the refreshrate despite the monitor not being DCC compliant. So the problem is solved by ATI now.

June 19, 2003 8:10:34 PM

hey sorry i havent had time to look here recently (had exams etc) i have been runin at 131 for some time now. i will try out the Multiplier idea suggested :)  i got cat 3.4 i have no probs with the monitor HF as i can run 3d games fine at this FSB. will post back once i tried the multiplier