ASUS 4670 underclocked and unable to change?

Hi guys, I just bought an ASUS N81V Laptop. Its got an ati 4670, Intel 2.53 duel core and 4gb of ddr 2 800. For some reason the computer seams to say its a 4670 on all the stickers and the specs but CPUz and ATI mobility driver says its clocked to a 4650 speed and I cant change it!! Any one know of a way of getting this to run as fast as it should? Thanks
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  1. Is there a difference in clockspeed between the 4670 and the 4650?
  2. yha a big one 550 vs 675 cpu mhz and thats for the notebook ver of the card. like I said it says 4670 on the stickers and all over the web people are noticing this with this kind of laptop.
  3. You could try using RivaTuner to overclock it. It seems pretty smart because it knows what my gpu is clocked at at the given moment. The only problem is that it wouldn't work for overclocking with my laptop.
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