Iam new to ghost software,i want to recover my xp back,how can i do it

i loaded my computer with pirated windows 7,which is creating problems to me .i have two ghost dvd's for recovering my xp version.i think so i lost ghost image in computer during loading windows 7,ifact i deleted.how can i reboot it now.iam completey new to it can u explain the steps to recover my xp.
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  1. Normally I would say welcome to the forums, but not in this case.
    You are out of luck, and you got exactly what you deserve for using pirated software you idiot.

    All can say is you will now have to reinstall your legal version of Windows from scratch. If you don't have a legal version, you should BUY one.
  2. no thanks for ur advice .i rectified it myself with out much help from other persons.be good to beginers
  3. We are good to beginners. However we do not assist people with using software that they are using in breach of the licence agreement.
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