Alarm software for when laptop switches from AC to Battery?

Hey all.

I'm currently under seige from Sandy and my sump pump reservoirs are filling up with water. Fortunately, I still have my power, but I was hoping I could find an alarm that would sound whenever my Laptop switches from AC power to the battery power. When the power goes out I need to immediately run outside and fire up the generator so my basement doesn't flood... and without an alarm, I'll sleep right through the power going out. But, I'm tired. I have a toddler that wore my ass out today... and I can't stay up all night. So, I'm hoping to get some sleep before I lose power. That's why I need this.

Any ideas?
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  1. You're going to have a looooooong night.
  2. The simplest thing would be to go to best Buy and get a battery backup. Most of them have an alarm.
  3. Hey everyone.

    I downloaded some software called 'LAlarm' and it did the trick. It has an 'anti-theft' alarm that will sound if the computer is disconnected from the AC source after its been armed. I guess it's meant to be used at a library or something where you might walk away from your laptop for a minute or two.

    Anyways, when the power went out the laptop was fooled into thinking the computer was unplugged, and the alarm sounded.

    Thanks for the other suggestions, but it was 10pm and Best Buy wasn't open :P
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