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Hello all, which is best toshiba or compaq.. compaq is much cheaper than toshiba. but i like toshiba.. pls advise.
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  1. Either brand is fine... specs and price/performance ratio will make me decide wat laptop to get. What models are you looking at? and what you using it for?
  2. thks, my usage will like using auotcad or solidworks.

    toshiba m500 - i3 330m, 2gb ram ddr3, 500hdd, nvidia graphic 512 mb, touch screen, finger print. price - USD 1000

    compaq cq41 - i5 430m, 2 gb ram ddr2, 500 hdd, ATI graphic card. price- Rs.USD 760
  3. What graphics card does the compaq have?
    Try and get something with 4gb of ram, especially with programs like autocad running.
    Out of those two i would go with the compaq.. the touch screen and finger print isnt worth 250$ for what youre using it for
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