Laptop Crashes/Turns off the second I open a game or application

Thanks for all of your help in advance.
I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 17R SE and I have been having a problem with it. It is brand spanking new and it cost a lot and should be well capable of running games. The problem is, is that whenever I open a game it will load for a second or two and then immediately shut off, the weird thing is, is that this only happens when the laptop is running off the battery, it works fine when it is running off of the mains. I appreciate any help!
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  1. It certainly sounds like a battery issue and it's not supplying enough power for the cpu and video card. Try looking in the event viewer just after this happens again to see what's recorded there. Plus run the trouble shooter in the action center after this happens again to see what it comes up with. The trouble shooter isn't that great but sometimes it will find something.
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