Help! I'm cofusing..

I need to get a laptop for myself. budget around RM6k (approximately USD1600, exchange rate is 1:3.8).
I work a lot on AutoCad 3D modelling, 3D Studio Viz rendering, and Adobe
Photoshop + basic word, multimedia processing;

extra remark -
(a) I'm not really need a high configuration for gaming purpose,
(b) a wireless internet connection and good mobility will be good, anyway
3d graphic processing power will be the main concern.

I have check out several models that available in the market, and I'm
interested in

(i) Intel Pentium M processor 1.5 (centrino) + integrated shared 64MB 3D
AGP (based on Dell Inspiron 500m -
le.jsp&prd_id=81098&flag=Y&smg_old=387 ) OR
(ii) P4 2.0 + 32MB ATI Radeon 9000 (based on Dell Inspiron 8500 -
le.jsp&prd_id=81101&flag=Y&smg_old=387 )

1. For 3D processing + modelling, izzit an integrated graphic card (like
theshared 64MB 3D AGP Video mentioned above) have a lot of difference
comparing to an independent graphic card (like the ATI Radeon 9000 mentioned
above)? 3D Modeling and Rendering, these two process take count on cpu
speeds or graphic card's capability?
2. Which model from above do u think I should go for?
3. Izzit there any better model in the market that suites better to my

I'm currently running on a Pentium Celeron 500Mhz with 192 MB SDRAM with a
discreet 32MB MSI GeForce2 400MX graphic card.

It took me more than 10 minutes to switch a view of my 3D model working in
AutoCad 2002.
The zooming in and out I did in 3D Studio Viz 4.2 is oso extremely slow,
it's like impossible for me to work on it.

In the other hand, my fren is running on a Pentium III 500Mhz with 128 MB
SDRAM with a discreet 32MB Riva Tnt2 Savage 3D graphic card.

It took me an approximate 10 secs to switcg a view of my 3D model working in
AutoCad 2002.
The zooming in and out I did in 3D Studio Viz 4.2 is quite slow but
acceptable, at least I can work on it.

Both system with non other background programme running. and tat was done on
a clean WinXp based OS.

Some say cpu do the job, graphic card only show the output.
Some say cpu is a lot more important in the 3d modelling process and graphic
card is only little affected.
Some say graphic card is a lot more important in the 3d modelling process.
I'm wondering and confusing from the feedbacks I got.

1. Izzit the CPU speed or the Graphic Card Processing Power are concerned in
CAD applications?
2. how about rendering (for wat I know rendering is purely depends on cpu
3. how about when we zooming in and zooming out, switching views when doing
3d model?

Any question answered will be really appreciated. I need advices in
makingbetter decision. Any feedback are welcomed please. Thx in advanced :)

may u be well, happy and healthy.
may ur wishes come true.
With Metta,
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  1. I'm no laptop expert so you'll definately want to hear from some others.

    3d graphic processing power will be the main concern

    When you say that and say you want a laptop flashing red lights go off in my mind. Laptop's are just not there yet. The most powerful laptop could be outperformed by a desktop costing 1/4 as much in 3d applications. <i>(rough estimate)</i>

    If you decide to change modes and go with a desktop I would suggest you take a look at <A HREF="" target="_new">Sharky Extreme's May Value Gaming PC Buyer's Guide</A> for a cheap system that can perform well with 3d apps (or anything).

    If your set on a laptop you may want to try your question in the Notebooks/Mobile Computing section of this forum.
  2. best CPU is the Centrino or Pentium M...
    if you do graphics work, do not use a standard integrated chipset, go for a R9000 (or even the new R9600), DDR ram if you can get it at least half a gig... HDD as big as possible

    CPU speed + memory bandwidth & gfx speed... these are the 3 most important characteristics for a graphics workstation or a notebook... oh and the biggest screen you can get...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
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