Problems with online videos and now downloads failing to start.

Hi guys, I know this is tom's -hardware- but I don't know where else to ask.

I've been having this problem for a few weeks now and I cannot figure out what's going on, I did google searches and didn't turn up any similar problems or anything that could help.

So there's three things I've noticed.

1. Youtube videos sometimes end abruptly about 20-40 seconds before the actual end of the video.

2. Certain video players don't work at all for some reason, they just sit on the buffering screen forever or occasionally load after 10-15 minutes of waiting.

3. Now I find out that I can't get some things to download for some reason, namely the video on this site

There's a download link that says "1080p 720p" and regarless of which one I click I just get the little windows 7 loading circle and the download never starts.

I have tried resetting my modem and router, that doesn't seem to be the problem, I have run a virus scan with AVG and it turned up nothing and I've restarted my PC as well. This is frustrating because I only recently formatted my PC and reinstalled everything fresh again so if anyone can help me troubleshoot this it would be greatly appreciated; if you need any more information let me know.
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  1. This has nothing to do with your computer hardware.
    The problem is inside the ADOBE FLASH. At last update they brake it... is same everywhere. if you have an old flash offline installer use it and it will work again.
  2. I've installed flash player 10.3 and even in firefox it's the same thing, when I right click the video it says flash player 10.3 but still it just sits there buffering.

    Also that wouldn't explain why my download for that video I linked won't work.
  3. _Cosmin_ said:
    This has nothing to do with your computer hardware.
    The problem is inside the ADOBE FLASH. At last update they brake it... is same everywhere. if you have an old flash offline installer use it and it will work again.

    It is not quite correct - I use Firefox with Adobe Flash Player, with version 11,4,402,287 installed and I can watch any video without a problem.

    The point is that you have to download Adobe Flash Player version compatible with your internet browser

    Assuming you have the correct version, and your internet connection is good enough for download YouTube videos, then the problem might be your hardware -- by the way what is you graphic card?
  4. GTX680
  5. Try installing the version 11,4,402,287
  6. I just did, still not working properly, no change from the looks of it. Still can't download that video from the link in the OP.
  7. Is your video card driver up to date? Also what is your internet speed? Is it cable, wireless?
  8. Driver's up to date, internet speed is 20-30mbps.
  9. Forget about AVG -- get for free and use both Avira and Malwarebytes -- I use them and I recommend! :)
  10. I was able to download Avira but the malware bytes download won't start just like the download I linked in the OP.
  11. How is your Firewall set?
  12. Off.
  13. I'm using chrome.
  14. Tried it, didn't change a thing.
  15. I scanned with both of your programs, neither found anything meaningful.

    I tried your firefox reset trick.

    I tried uninstalling and downgrading/upgrading flash player and I just now connected directly to my modem and still all the problems in the OP persist.
  16. I just discovered, everything works fine in Internet explorer 64 bit.
  17. Great! :)

    I think you should report it to Firefox tough -- perhaps it is a bug.
  18. -I do not use firefox, I use chrome-

    The problem is not fixed.
  19. As "everything works fine in Internet explorer 64 bit" then we can easily infer that it is not a hardware problem, which is good.

    Which player do you use? I like to use VLC media player
  20. I didn't think it was a hardware problem to begin with, but these problems persist in both chrome and firefox so clearly something is going on.

    I don't know what a video player has to do with anything though.
  21. Sorry, I don´t use Chrome, and I have already told you all I knew about Firefox.

    People from Firefox support are really helpful, perhaps you´d submit a ticket describing the issue.

    If you do not a get a answer from someone who knows better than I, then I suggest you to have a look at
  22. Problem solved on my own, for anyone who comes across this post with the same problem. I uninstalled Chrome, went to add/remove programs and found two unrecognized programs related to video playback and internet speed boosting, remove those and reinstalled chrome and it works fine.
  23. I am glad you have finally found the issue that were causing the problems.
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