Dell Battery/Power adapter problem

Hi all,

I know there have been multiple threads on this and I have tried to read them but pls appreciate I am completely new to PC's and therefore just do not understand motherboards or BIOS etc etc

My Dell Inspiron 1545 is my first ever laptop and after only 3 years its giving me problems.

I got the message:

"The AC Adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. The system will adjust performance to match power available. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for.....etc etc"

So I took the battery out and thought I'd just use through power supply always connected. But it still comes up. I'm posting this cos I pressed F1 to continue.

It's the original charger. The battery was replaced about 1 year ago from local shop. Not sure how much this affects things. But what I don;t even understand is the actual problem. Is it the battery? Maybe not as msg still appears by connecting through mains. so is it the mains? the components inside the laptop?

What's the actual way to tell and what is the remedy can somebody pls advise I would be very grateful!
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  1. It may be a combiation of the charger and the battery. Just like the battery needed replacing the ac charger itself may be going bad and it may be that you need a new one. While it may still work by connecting the ac adapter and the laptop working with it you may not have the charging capacity of the adapter anymore.
    Naturaly a way to test this theory would be to use it on another Dell laptop and that may not be possible for you so maybe a repair shop ?
    There also may be a corrupt file in there that became that way when you had the issue with the batter in the first place.
    You also want to know what the local shop gave you as a replacement battery , I have a Toshiba laptop and when the battery died I looked for a Toshiba battery with the same model and type of battery that was in there. I found one on Ebay and it came from China and the price was very reasonable with fast shipping. If I were you I would give Ebay a look to see what's available.
  2. Hi all any other advice on this pls? Really cant go on like this !!
  3. hi so i bought a replacement charger off ebay - it worked for a week and then back to same problem.... :fou: :fou:

    any ideas folks?
  4. Try updating BIOS from
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