Screen stays on standby while boot from CD

Ok, so I am installing windows 7 on my new build! Everything went fine and got into BIOS. Changed Boot drive to optical and inserted Windows 7 installation disc...Saved changes and reset the computer...Now the screen just stays in standby! I literally cant et into BIOS or anything...I hear the optical whirring but nothing seems to be happening...Bout 5 mins now and still nothing. Tried restarting but o go! Is it supposed to do this or is something going wrong?

Can I restart my MoBo...Im freaking out as its a brand new build!!!!

Please someone help....Screen is just flashing standby...

PS. Everything is brand new so Idont think anything is faulty!
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  1. Its a i3 3220 and ASrock B75 Pro3-M MoBo too...

    Someone help as I seriously panicking...
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