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i have my hdtv connected to my pc via hdmi and i bought a cheap home theater(panasonic sc-xh150) it has optical and rca inputs. i have a xonar dg sound card. do i connect the ht to the pc or the tv? do i use the optical cable or the rcas?
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  1. Connect the PC video to the HDTV via the HDMI output from your graphics card. Connect the PC Audio to the Panasonic via the optical output of the the Xonar DG Sound Card. Be sure to change the default audio device on your PC to the Xonar card.

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  2. so its better to connect it to the sound card than directly to the tv???
  3. You didn't mention what model TV you had, so I had no way of knowing if it has an optical audio output. Either way should work just as well.

    -Wolf sends
  4. the tv is a hitachi l42s504
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    An optical cable from the sound card to receiver is the best. I've never seen a TV that will pass 5.1 sound through the digital audio out, except from the digital tuner. All other sources will only be stereo only.

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    Many many thanks for sharing your information, you can watch TV shows, movies, and videos on your HDTV or any other TV with appropriate inputs. You can listen to music through your home stereo if it has AUX, VIDEO, or any other input using a standard RCA connection.

    Thanks a lot again
    Dainard Jackson

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