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Hi.Today I went to buy a new 5.1 speaker system,I was going for Edifier Ms3500.However,I noticed that the cloth panels covering the front of the speakers had a crosshatched frame behind it.I looked at other speakers and some have squared frames,some have these crosshatched(deltoid) frames,some have none and Creative and Logitech seems to use mesh panels.
I had seen the cloth cover and mesh panels before,but it's the first time I'm seeing a deltoid/squared frame.
So my question is,would these small squares/deltoids not interfere with the sound waves and lower the quality?

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  1. I doubt if the cloth used would make much difference to the sound of that type of speaker.

    Hifi speakers are often designed so they can be run with the covers removed because the frequency range is sufficient that it would make a difference even when using cloth specifically chosen for its acoustic transparency.
  2. high frequency may be absorbed but marginally, if u do notice a lot of diff, its probably due to diffraction
  3. It's not the cloth that concerns me,it's the plastic frames between the cloth and the speaker.
  4. I really don't think either matter.
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