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I have just installed Windows 7 & I have 2 printers that there is no drivers available from the manufacturer for win 7.

Is it possible to purchase a wireless or wired print server & install these printers on a network?

Any input or suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.... thank you
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  1. Hi, you can take these steps to install a printer server in network

    Purchase a printer server instead of networked printer. Since network printers are extremely expensive, this will offer you an affordable way to add one printer to your existing network. Using a USB print server is easy to set up. Just connect your printer to the printer server and then connect the print server to a a wireless router. You will be able to print documents wireless from any computer connected on the network. Make sure your designated printer is turned off before you start the entire process.

    Make your network recognize your print server. After successfully connecting the print server to your wireless router and designated printer, you will need to locate your print server's default address. Choose a static IP address that is not being currently used on your network. Determine the IP address of the networked computer you are currently using by typing in the command prompt ipconfig/all.

    Enter the IP address of the print server in a web browser. Once you use the configuration tool, you will need to change the IP address to the one that matches your network. After making the changes, save the new settings.

    Access the "Add Printer" wizard to place your newly networked printer to your existing home network. Doing this will allow any computer connected to the network the ability to print wireless. Go through each step and follow the instructions to successfully get everything working.

    Start printing away without having to purchase an expensive device. Although there are network ready printers available for purchase, they will cost a pretty penny. You will have access to this printer from any computer connected to the network.
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