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Hi there!
I'm tring to instal Windows Vista on my machine (Asus X50SL, MB version: F50SL, BIOS ver 301 from 06.19.2008), but the Vista DVD is not booting, I tried XP and it is not booting to. I even tried DOS from CD but nothing again :(. I made a bootable USB flash but it is not working to, all of the DVDs, CDs and USBs ar booting on other systems! I googled a little and some user with the same problem are saing that after a BIOS update the problem is solved. In my case, with no operation system and not able to boot DOS, the only option is to update using the build in the BIOS Easy flash utility. When I start the updateing prosses I get e "read file error" and I've no idea why is that error.
Do anyone have any idea how to boot any operation system or how to update my BIOS?
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  1. I know about boot device priority and everything is set correctly, but it is not booting :(
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