Bring US DirecTV box to South America?

I Live in South America (colombia). Here there is no way to get NHL games. I have often thought of buying a DirecTV decoder (box/ thingy) and bringing it back with me. If I did that would I be able to "fool" directv and as long as I was maintaining a billing address in the US and a US credit card they wouldn't know? and the dish would receive the signal to the NHL Package?
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  1. Hi neighbor...

    I live in Venezuela in the El Placer area in the hills above the southern section of Caracas (right above Universidad Simón Bolívar) and have 'Dish Network' because the footprint of the satellite signal seems better from them than Direct TV. Those little dishes never worked out for me so I use a 5M dish (slight over-kill).

    A legit subscription based in the U.S. works, but be aware, they set the channels according to where the subscription is located. You might get a bit tired of watching local stations from hick-town Wyoming. Sports blackouts are another concern. Best to subscribe it in an area that will always be immune to local blackouts, (so maybe hicktown isn't so bad after all). There is usually a phone connection to the receiver but it works fine without it. You just can't order special pay-per-view or upgrade your service without the phone line. Have someone in the U.S. order it (as 'self-install'), and have all your options programmed-in before having it shipped to you.

    Dish Network has NHL as a package

    If you go for satellites made for our region, Amazonas works very well but has crappy programming.

    Good Luck
  2. Addict I can't thank you enough for your reply. Unfortunately I ordered the internet-based "NHL Game Center Live" package to get my hockey fix. but still, i've got the right mind to pick up dish network when i'm in the states here. I understand the desire for the giant dish here. with the amount of rain and cloudyness we get here in medellin losing satellite is a daily occurence with these small fries they hand out. thanks again.
  3. The big dish made the difference.

    Mine was purchased and set up for Wichita Kansas (U.S.), by the same friend that supplies my Internet VPN/proxy.
    I send it back once in awhile for changes/upgrades. Dish Network has no idea where the receiver is, they just transmit the signal and don't know or care it's down here most of the time.

    Have fun and.. enjoy the games. :)

  4. En fin, my brother told me about this new set top box called Roku. It's internet and he says it has a good selection of tv/ movies etc and it is growing every day and there's a community that makes it all available for free. I have ordered one and will see how it works from down here.
  5. Sounds good enough, at least the price. Be sure to come back and let us know how good/bad/other it is. :)
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