How do i replace a fan and keyboard on a compaq laptop?

My cooling fan went and I need to change it out along with the keyboard. It is under warranty and the company will not honor their warranty. I need to do it myself because I cannot afford to get it done. anybody KNOW what to do?
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  1. Enter the make and model along with eh words "service manual"into a Google search and download a PDF copy. Don't bother with all the sites that want to sell you one - there will be an official manual and it will be free. Carefully follow the instructions. You'll also need some small screwdrivers, a magnet to catch screws before they disappear inside and an old credit card to ease the case apart without scratching it.

    Post back when you have the manual if you have any doubts.
  2. Working n laptops is very diffacult because of the small compact space. The keyboard would be the easiest to replace because you don't have to take too much apart , but a fan can be more diffacult only because you may have to take more apart to get to it.
    You can take it apart kust remember to be careful with what your diconnecting and try not to take things out that you don't need to and remember where things go back so it will work when your done.
    There are a lot of screws that you can access from the bottom and some from the to once you remove the keyboard.
    You do need to be careful of the ribben cables because they are delicate and so are the connetor ends and there are things that you won't be removing so be carefulnot to loosen or disconnect anything that your not taking out.
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