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Hey guys,
Long time lurker, first time poster.
I'll admit I'm still kinda a noob but am usually pretty good at figuring things out. I have a Compaq CQ-50-110US that came with Vista, and a ton of problems, so I put a fresh install of Windows 7 on and occasionally will get the BSOD when hibernating or if sits for awhile. In researching I found most times it can be due to needing a BIOS update. I am currently on HP F.07 6/28/2008 BIOS and "think" I should be on F.17 (sp45054.exe download) but am wondering if safe to flash since I am on Windows 7 rather then Vista. While F.17 is compatible with Vista and & I'm not sure that coming from F.07 will cause any problems.
Thanks in advance,
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