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Does big headphones use more watt/power than small ear-buds? I wonder because I dont want my ipod to get out of battery because of the headphones. thanks!
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  1. it can.
  2. It does or it can?
  3. it can. as in some headphoens require higher output because of their higher impedence, so u would have to increase the volume control to hear the same loudness.
  4. I understand now :) btw do u know why headphones stop to work after a while? the sound is lost on one of the ears and I have to twitch the contact to the mp3 in a certain way so that the sound is on both ears. eventually the sound drops out of both ears and I have to buy a new one. Is there some damage or tearing of the metal contact? is it possible to aviod it?
  5. thats due to headphones, happens when the internal wiring near the plug is teared slightly, happens a lot on cheap headphones, especially on the apple buds.
  6. I had that happen to 3 pairs of my headphones cheap or expensive. Usually occurs because you put the phone/MP3 in your pocket.

    Thats why I now used headphones with replacable cables. $20 for a new cable on my Ultimate Ears TripleFi.
  7. yes happens to me with cheap and expensive headphones/earphones. Happened to 10 of my headphones trough the years.
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