Salvaging parts from a dell xps 710

Hi everyone so basically I have a dell xps 710 that has a few issues

main issues are:
does not recognise any RAM in module 1.
always crashes on first boot up then works on second attempt after selecting start windows normally.
and is now getting an error when booting now have to take RAM out and then put it back in for it to start up.
basically im pretty sure its going to die very soon.

Now to my question.
I am looking at building a new system just to replace it. but as this is a BTX motherboard I am wondering what parts I can salvage from this to put into the new system to keep costs to a minimum as I have just started my own business so funds are a bit tight at the moment.

at the moment I dont really use it for gaming, I do run 2 1080p monitors and have a lot of web pages open at once and occasionally run photoshop.

any input is welcomed and appreciated
thanks in advance.
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  1. Here is the manual:

    The PSU is either 750 watts or 1000 watts and should be fine in a new build. Check the PCI connector cable.

    The CPU is Core 2 Duo - not recommended for new builds. (Obsolete CPU).

    The RAM is 533-, and 667-MHz DDR2 unbuffered SDRAM modules - too slow for new builds.

    If you have a similar computer save the parts as spares.
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