Yamaha A3000 and optical input issues

I recently purchased a new Yamaha A3000 to replace my aging Denon AVR2807. I installed the Yamaha last night and everything is workign perfectly except for the optical input from my computer. As a sanity check I connected it to the Denon and everything was working fine. I tried plugging into all of the different optical inputs, changed the input and source selection as appropriate, but still nothing. It doesn't appear as if the Yamaha receiver is detecting the signal coming from the computer. Any ideas? I've sent a message to Yamaha support, but considering it was around 10 last night, it's not surprising I haven't heard back yet.
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  1. Most surround sound receivers require you to go into the input setup menu and assign the input to the source i.e. CD to Digital 1. When you switch sources it will often display the input assigned to it.
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