Can't get subwoofer to work from pc

I am running a pioneer 925k receiver from my pc to a 5.1 speaker setup. I ran the setup process where it tests the speakers and the subwoofer makes the appropriate noises but when I try to play sound from wmp or winamp, I can't get the sub to work. I am running sound with optical from the motherboard to the reiever. Much appreciated if someone could give me some advice on this one. I'm stumped
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  1. If you set up the receiver correctly you will also need to set up the pc audio output to 5.1. The files you play must also be 5.1.
  2. set the output and input correctly for both programs, u gonna have to set teh right output for both pc and all the media players, im assuming the PC ouputs are fine though.
  3. I figured it out. because of the placement of the subwoofer, (behind my couch) my microphone couldn't hear the sub or heard it too loudly during setup, not sure which. I manually changed the detected distance of the of the subwoofer from the center of the room then the subwoofer kicked in. Thanks for your help.
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