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Hi, I have really annoying problem with my Dell latitude d630. The screen of this ,,brick" started flickering and showing millions horizontal lines! After some time when i get sick of this i restart my plastic box and you get a black screen which saying NTDLR missing (hell yeah!) or nothing just a black screen (draw what you want on it) so how could i fix this?
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  1. You are describing a system that may have a failing motherboard. Both the video adapter and HDD adapter are integrated devices on the motherboard.

    The first issue (video) is common as a result of overheating. Get a can of compressed air, and with the system powered down, blow out the intake and exhaust fan ports. See how much crude gets dislodged.

    Overheating the CPU could cause issues with the SATA/IDE controllers as well. Cleaning could help there as well.

    Give this a try and come back if this fails to help.
  2. cleaning helped now screen shows everything nicely but another issue appeared right side of keyboard is dead how to fix that but thanks anyway for good advice
  3. Your keyboard connector could be loose. Have you ever taken this system apart, or dropped it recently?
  4. when i was cleaning laptop i checked every connection and everything was alright so what could it be? i can't type O P L . / ;'\ ] 9 0 just those and F1,F2, F3 and etc...
  5. Double-check both ends of the small ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.
  6. I'll try it out
  7. still nothing
  8. Make sure the keyboard ribbon cable connectors are clean and no debris is in the connection itself.
  9. it is hard to take them out from that port and after that plug back into it but i'll try it later becouse i have to go
  10. Good luck.
  11. nothing happened still dead and gets even bader now i can't type 2 w s x
  12. May be time for a replacement keyboard. Try I have bought several Dell products from them over the years with 100% satisfaction.
  13. Ok, soon I will got the new keyboard but screen shows his beauty again and now starts his hitical beep song and stripe screen then he shows blue red green black white and again same screens after this show blackhole :D
  14. Honestly, it may be time to put this system "out to pasture" or replace the motherboard. Are your fans working?
  15. yes fans is working i just cleared CMOS and trolled system diagnostics now windows 8 is repairing
  16. ok now he is dead :( some leds turns on and then shuts down....
  17. I mourn your loss. Sounds like the motherboard is the problem.
  18. God i hate this laptop when i though he is dead he turned on again its like old soviet car you think she is dead after many tries to make it run and at the last moment when you want to destroy that car she starts running again.... So how to get rid of this problem screen goes black no boot everything is check nothing happens just lighted black screen
  19. Could be something loose inside the system. Since you have opened it before, double check all of your internal connections.
  20. Now i'm sick with this laptop, I just bought a new Asus N56VZ and now I'm calm
  21. Good choice.
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