Gateway P-7915u FX vs Asus G72GX

I'm looking to purchase a laptop on a budget of around 1,100 dollars. I look to do every day stuff; that is, school, browsing, etc., on it. However, I also plan on doing some light gaming. But, since I would like to last me a while (optimistically) and have the possibility to progress onto some more graphically demanding games, I decided to go with a "starter" gaming laptop.

Which leads me to my current dilemma: I am torn between a Gateway ( ) and an Asus (

Now, price is of little object to me since the difference in the two, $50, is relatively marginal given the price of each. Most of the fundamental aspects of the two, I notice, are about equivalent (processor, graphics card, size, etc), so I suppose I'm just nitpicking on the minor details.

Would it be fair to say that the only factors I am really deciding on would be the following:

Hard Drive (500 GB vs 320GB as both are 5400 rpm) - Not of much object to me
Resolution - Asus has better and an LED
Battery Life - Gateway has roughly twice the length of the Asus
RAM - Asus has 2 GB more (I'm under the impression that DDR3 has little to no benefit over DDR2 except adding to battery life)

So, essentially, am I just deciding on battery life vs. increased performance/visuals? If I do not plan to be running around with this (I couldn't trust myself to lug around a 9 lb laptop anyway), would the battery life even be noticeable; that is, if I'm going to be in my house when using the laptop almost all of the time?

(Sorry if I sound like I'm already answering my own question; I guess it just comes down to whether the battery life is worth the concessions).

However, two (slightly off-topic) more questions

1. Is there a difference between "1 year" and "1 year limited" as far as warranties go? In either case, since it's 1 year for both parts and labor, does that I'm pretty much covered for the first year then (assuming I don't purchase a best buy warranty) am on my own?

2. I've heard some things about Gateway's parent company declaring bankruptcy (although, of course, plenty of existing companies have) - could this impact my warranty should I choose the Gateway?

Sorry for the lengthy, repetitive question. I kind of thought as I went.
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  1. A standard one year warranty covers any hardware failures and such, while a limited warranty is a bit more nit picky about the company will replace. In both cases after the first year is up and you do not buy an extended warranty from BB, you are on your own. Second, if you go with the Gateway, the whole bankruptcy thing shouldn't effect you.

    Now in regard to the selection of a laptop, it seems like you are leaning towards the Asus, as it does offer a bit more performance over the Gateway. Plus, as you said, you do not plan on lugging it around, so battery life shouldn't be much of an issue. All in all, I'd say Asus.
  2. Another one you might want to think about:

    Price: $1100

    Hard Drive: 320 GB 7200 rpm

    RAM: 4 GB DDR3 (You're correct, DDR3 only helps battery life)

    Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 (It's slightly weaker than the 260M, but has DirectX 11)

    CPU: Core i7 720QM (This is a way stronger processor than the ones in the other two laptops!)

    Resolution: only 1366x768 (This is the main point which brings this laptop down)

    Warranty: Should be the same as the other ASUS

    Random point: It also has USB 3.0, although it doesnt say so in the specs, meaning in the future when it becomes more prevalent, you can have fast data transfer with portable hard drives.
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