Take chance on another Zune 80, wait, or alternative?

Gonna be returning a zune 80 I bought off of ebay just now. Arrived with a shot HDD. Should I take the change with another zune 80/120? I've heard a lot about problems with the HDD which makes me hesitant to take the chance again. Love the form factor of this zune. High storage and all tactile buttons. Does microsoft plan on making another zune like this in the near future? As far as alternatives, I havn't really found any. Really want a good bit of storage. Ipod classic doesn't count because of the touch wheel. Creative Labs Zen X-Fi is borderline with storage and I don't care for it. If anyone thinks of a worthy alternative let me know.
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  1. Forget it. If they reintroduce the model the hdd issued fixed I'll be first on board, but I think I'm gonna buy new screen for zune 30 for now and live with it.
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