HP PSC 1610 error - "disconnected"

Suddenly last week, my HP PSC 1610 printer will start to print a doc, then about 1/4 way through, stop, give me an error code of 0x880c18e4, and a pop-up screen says the unit is disconnected. i purchased a new cord, same thing. i reset the memory, same thing. HELP because I can't be without a printer, and can't afford a new one right now. thanks.
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  1. I have the same problem...although the error message changes #s. Initially I thought it was related to printing a adobe pdf from online. My pdf creating program is docudesk, not adobe, so I thought it was some conflict related to that.

    Do you think your problem may have started in the same way or something else?

    Still trying to figure this out. Let me know if you find a solution. Hoping not to have to buy a new printer!
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