Old DVD Player for RCA Connection


Is there any possible way or a hacking solution to hook up my camera with RCA connection to this DVD Player.

The Portable dvd play is old, and it only has RCA OUT connection

Does anyone know, if I can hack it or something to make my camera work on it. I don't want to buy a TV for a security camera.


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  1. If your DVD player has an RF input on it then you can modulate the video output of the camera onto an unused channel with one of these
  2. So, you're trying to hook up your camera to your DVD player?

    Is that really your goal or is your goal to eventually get the camera hooked to your TV?

    I can't imagine a purpose to hooking your camera to a DVD PLAYER. Maybe a DVD recorder. But whats the point of sending the audio and video from your camera to a device that cannot play audio or video?
  3. Yea, thats not what I was looking for. Anyways Thanks for everyones help. I guess there is no way.

    I am not interested in recording or anything, just wanted to VIEW the Cam in the display, it's an old player, so I was gonna do nothing with it anyways.
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