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Ok, here is my situation. I have an Alienware M17x laptop. I have a Sony 5.1 CH receiver set up. The ONLY, connection between the two (as in the cable is in my wall) is a component and L+R audio. (Total RCA cables: 5). I would like to connect my laptop to my speakers via digital coaxial audio, but my laptop has no connection for just that. My laptop connections are HDMI, VGA, and Display Port. It also has 2 headphone outputs. How can I get the audio to work over an RCA cable? Are there any converters that will give me HDMI to Coaxial Digital/SPDIF?

And yes, I know realize my stupidity when i chose component over HDMI a year ago.
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  1. HDMI sound can't be converted to SPDIF.

    I have seen a HDMI to component cable

    Techically this type of cable won't meet HDCP certifications and can't legally be sold over here at least but im sure you can order it from china lol.

    I don't think component would do 5.1 though.
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