PC Won't turn on. Cliking and blinking.

Ok, so I found an old Dell Poweredge sc1425 in my garage. It was in a safe place and it's free of dust. I brought it in to set it up. First thing I did was plugged it into a monitor and switched it on to see what the story was with it. It began to load Windows XP. I left the room and came back 2 minutes later to see it turned off.
I tried switching it on and it wouldn't. Here is what happens. I hit the on button. There seems to be power because an orange light flashes continuously under an "info" sign. There's also an "info" button and when I click it the flashing orange light turns to a flashing blue light. As this light is flashing the fans inside the computer continuously turn on and off making a small 'click' sound every time. There is no CPU Fan, just a heat sink. I tried plugging out the PSU and plugging it back in. I tried changing the RAM. The CPU seems in fair condition.

I just haven't a clue what happened because it was working only 10 minutes ago and now nothing. I hadn't touched a thing before hand.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm going to suspect the PSU although that is less likely in a server machine. See if any of the diagnostics Dell provides here helps http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/SC1425/en/it/j3350c20.htm#wp1043338 otherwise I'll stick with the PSU being the issue
  2. See where the clicking is coming from. Could be the hard-drive. You should also be able to find he light code on Dell's support side. Could be the motherboard if you already tried new RAM.
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