Putting 800mhz FSB processor on 533mhz FSB board

I just bought some new hardware for my computer. The hardware includes a motherboard that supports 400/533 mhz FSB and Hyperthreading. Since it supports Hyperthreading I also bought an 800 mhz 2.4c processor. I wasn't thinking straight or something and I believed that since both supported Hyperthreading that they would work. However, now I realize that the motherboard does not say it supports the 800mhz FSB of the processor. Will they still work together or did I just waste a bunch of money? Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks.
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  1. It should work but I don't know for sure. If it does it will only operate at 1.6GHz (I think).

    You may be able to overclock your FSB up to speed if you have pc3200 (or higher) RAM and the right options in your BIOS.
  2. Hi!

    Difficult to answer your question since you don't tell us which mobo you have. I know that the Intel chipset 7502 "Granitebay" and that the old 845PE can work with 800FSB, if you have the right memory (atleast PC3200) and mobo brand (think some Asus 845PE work). But anyway, you should first try to sell/return the mobo and get a Canterwood (875) or Springdale (865) chipset based mobo.

    You can find some more info at this THG article: http://www6.tomshardware.com/motherboard/20030429/index.html


  3. System Specs:

    MB: MSI 655 MAX FISR with HT support
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4c 800 mhz
    RAM: 1 gb PC 2700 DDR
    Video: ASUS Geforce 4 5200FX

    So, I guess I don't have the right memory to overclock the mb to support the processor and I don't have the right mb to just suppport the processor. Should I just return the processor for a 2.4b that runs at 533mhz?

    The mb says it supports up to DDR333 but will it support the DDR400 memory? Also, how do you know what speed memory you need based on how much you overclock the FSB? I have some DDR400 memory in another system that I could put in this system..so if the mb would support the 400 then I could try to overclock the mb to the 200 mhz bus speed for the 800 mhz processor. Could this work?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by 7seven7 on 06/17/03 02:39 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. So you would need a dual channel chipset board for this to work?
  5. Quote:
    I have some DDR400 memory in another system that I could put in this system..so if the mb would support the 400 then I could try to overclock the mb to the 200 mhz bus speed for the 800 mhz processor. Could this work?

    If your mobo has options for overclocking to 200Mhz, it might work, but you might find you need better cooling on the northbridge/southbridge, and of course running it like this will void the warranty.

    You could possibly run into problems with PCI bus speed, if the board doesn't have a 1/6 divider. e.g.:
    @100FSB divider will be 1/3 so 33Mhz
    @133FSB divider will be 1/4 so again 33Mhz.

    @200FSB, needs 1/6, but if board only has up to 1/4 your PCI bus would be running at 50Mhz, WAY off spec, and you'd be lucky for it to boot.

    On the whole, you'd probably be better off buying a new mobo.

    Just my thoughts....

    :smile: :tongue: :smile:
  6. Will the SiS 655 do 200MHz FSB?
  7. I have no idea. I've just decided to replace the processor so I can keep the RAM and the MB. Cheaper that way.
  8. Sup

    There are alot of things to consider here.

    Bios is pretty much the end all when it comes to what Overclockability you have, if the bios wasnt made specifically with OCing in mind there really isnt much you can do, so in that respect you need to look at a couple of things.
    First off will it OC to 200 FSB, if so then you might have a chance here.

    Secondly, you need to be able to adjust your agp/pci frequencies by one step intervals, can you do this or are the frequencies static, if so you might be ok because it wont try and dynamically overclock the frequencies, Or are they limited to certain settings only with dynamic frequency overclocking, if the answer is the later then your gonna have serious problems getting your machine to post let alone boot to the OS.

    Do you have onboard hardware like a LAN or Sound if so these are directly affected by these frequencies, also your AGP card will also be affected.

    Most likely you will need some sort of cooling for your northbridge if it doesnt atleast have a heatsink your not gonna make it.

    You will without a doubt need pc3200, you might be able to OC the pc2700 to 400Mhz but it is highly unlikely since only the best pc2700 will OC that far.

    The quality of your motherboard will also directly affect its ability to handle overclocking, Stability is a serious issue, I dont remember what brand of motherboard you said you have but, if it was an Asus i would say go for it, they are considered to be the best motherboard maker on the planet, These guys actually condone OCing, they want you to push their product, the next time you buy a mobo i suggest buying an Asus.

    These are just a few things to consider, im sure there are a few things i missed, i hope it helps you figure this out.

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