Gateway DX4840-11e Spare Slots

Most Gateway products are supported with an extensive user manual - either on the machine - or as a pdf on the Gateway web site. The DX4840-11e seems to be an exception.

Does anyone know where I can find a real user manual for this product (not the quick reference guide!)?

And in particular, I want to install an eSATA dual port adapter in one of the slot positions provided on the lower back of the case. But these slots are fitted with a blanking plate that is a knock out rather than a screw held plate.

How do I knock them out without damaging the panel or mother board?

Thanks for your help.
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    I've been rather successful at twisting the knock-outs from the top a bit and working them free even with the motherboard in place. If you do not have any of those slots used yet, you do have a PCIe x16 slot available found here which I find only slightly more helpful than the quick start guide
  2. Good suggestion! The entire assembly is so flimsy and near the mum board that I hesitate to get close without encouragement. I'll try your suggestion.

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