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  1. I think you will see a lot of different answers
  2. IF you want to pay go kaspersky. IF you want freeware go AVAST.
  3. MSE
  4. Free = Microsoft Security Essentials
    Paid = Norton
  5. U can buy antivirus alone or antivirus+firewall. Later is better option.
    Kaspersky or norton if paid. Microsoft security essential is also good. Use kasperky in my desktop and Security essential in my laptop. Moreover there is also 1 month trail version. u should check that out. Choose the one whose interface u like most of the above two beside price. They gives identical performance.

    There r many respected security software testing labs. All these r like NGOs. Every year the release a performance chart with enough pros and cons . Best place to know about any antivirus is to go through these charts.
  6. Looking through historical reports from the testing institutes such as AV Comparatives and AV -Test it becomes quite apparent that no single product can claim or be claimed to be the best as their performance differs from test to test. What can be seen is that there are 5 or so paid products that consistently offer high levels of protection.

    These are in no particular order - Norton - GDATA - Bitdefender - F-Secure - Kaspersky

    AVAST, despite the protestations of some on this forum routinely outperforms quite a few well know paid for products.
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