Blu-ray samsung 7.1/cablebox/xbox360 setup

Boy, where to begin. Not sure if this is the correct forum. Let me know if there is a better place I can get help in advance.

I have a 50" HD LCD TV, a comcast dvr/cable box and a top tier blu-ray player with 7.1 home theatre speakers. Either the 7.1 home theatre came along with the blu-ray player or was purchased and set up afterwards, I was away at the time. Interestingly the speakers are both wireless and wired with some having cables and that plug into the blu-ray player and a wireless router box for the back speakers. Hdmi cables connect the blu-ray player to the dvr and the dvr connects to the TV via hdmi cables aswell. That means that the speakers work when watching cable television (but probably only 5.1 or whatever the particular broadcaster supports.)

For the life of me though I can't figure out if there is a way to make these speakers work with an xbox 360.

So far I just plug it straight into one of the 4 hdmi ports on my TV and settle with my TV's audio.

Am I able to hook my xbox 360 into my dvr/cable box or into my blu-ray and connect them all back into the TV in order to play my games (and eventually my computer I'm in the process of builing) getting sound out of the awesome 7.1 speakers I have now?

It was so complicating setting it up in the first place. The speakers to the blu-ray, to the dvr, to the TV. Why not be able to do the same with an xbox 360 or a computer?

I would be so appreciative to get some feedback or help or a definitive answer, especially before I wind up ripping apart all the connections and forgetting how they were put together in the first place!
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  1. A cable box and Bluray player will only have HDMI output not inputs so if you check I think you will find that your dvr/cable box has HDMI out connected to what sounds like a home theater in a box that has a bluray player built in and that outputs to your TV with HDMI. If there are no other inputs on the Bluray/HTiB then you can add an HDMI switch such as these
    and select what feeds the HiTB that way.
  2. You're right, it is a blu-ray HTiB.

    I just checked though and it actually DOES have two HDMI in's and also one HDMI out. I know so because they are labeled as such.

    Thank you as I believe your solution would work as well, but now I am pretty sure I can just plug my xbox into the blueray HTiB.
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