Emachine EL1300G SATA/AHCI driver needed

I have an Emachine el1300-G, and the hard disk was wiped before I bought it. Now I am trying to do a clean install Windows XP Home SP3 and does not see the SATA hard disk drive, even though it shows up in my BIOS.

The following error shows on my screen "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer."

The motherboard is an Acer X1700 the website shows no SATA drivers for it though.

Does any one know where to find a SATA/AHCI driver that I can use for this computer?

The BIOS has no option to use IDE mode. If you know how to force, somehow, to use IDE mode, please let me know as I am open to that as well.
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  1. Was the drive formatted or the partition deleted to wipe the drive? If the partition was deleted then you will need to create a partition first. Can you connect the drive to another computer and create a partition for this disk?
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