worth upgrading my proc?

I currently have a A7V333 with an AXP 1800+ with 512 of PC2700 and a geforce4 ti 4400. Would it be worth it for me to upgrade my proc to one of the barton cores with 333 fsb or should I simply save my cash and wait for the next major upgrade (past nforce2)? I thought about upgrading the mobo and proc but I think that spending that much money wouldn't really offer a big enough performence increase to make wasting a perfectly good mobo and proc (because what would I do with them after right?). Any input would be appreciated and taken into consideration.

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  1. I don't know..... I would probably just save up and wait until the next major upgrade. But that's cuz I'm cheap~

    If you have money to spare tho, that's a different story....

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  2. maybe a good plan....

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  3. Sure, buy a 2600/333 for under $100. You've already got the RAM. I hope you're running it at 266 right now.
  4. You can only upgrade to a 333FSB cpu if your A7V333 is revision 2.0 or later. If you have a revision 1.XX A7V333 then you're stuck with 266FSB cpus.

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  5. I'll have to check out what rev my board is - but if I can up the fsb to 333 would upgrading to maybe a 2500+ or 2800+ barton be worth it or would a new mobo only make spending this sort of cash on a new proc worth it?

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  6. Heya Tommunist;

    Well my friend the best advice i can give you about upgrading your computer is, your computer is only as strong as its weakest link which is usually the motherboard, in my oppinion you should always upgrade the three major components at the same time.

    These are Motherboard, CPU and Ram, if you do that and buy good quality hardware from companies with a good reputation for excellence you will always come out of it with a smile on your face.

    I would suggest buying a dual channel memory motherboard they are monsters in performance and its there that you will see your largest performance increase, much much more then just buying a slightly faster CPU, even if the FSB happens to be a bit faster, however increasing the speed of your Front Side Bus will also yield nice performance increases. In most systems the largest botle neck of performance is the memory bus, and if you upgrade to a dual channel DDR board you will see marked improvement worth spending the money on.

    If you are gonna upgrade then do it right just build a new core, you wont regret it.

    I know you want it and you want it now but when building a computer it is always better to do some research, find the latest and greatest, save up some cash for awhile and do it right.

    I hope i have helped.

  7. What do you want it for?
    I think that the 2500+ Bartons seem good value for money, and you will notice an improvement in games and video editing.
    But mostly things that say took 1 hour to do (ie video editing) will save you maybe 10 minutes or so, which may be worthwhile.
    Things that take 1 second (like opening a file in windows) will be virtually no quicker, and generally your machine will 'feel' much the same. I think 2500+ are around 100 pounds at the moment - ask yourself if it's really worth it to save a few seconds here and there, and few extra graphical improvements etc.

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  8. I would not recommend an upgrade. Like the above guy say, you'll have to get new CPU/mobo/RAM combo and that'll cost a lot (you'll have to get a good nForce2 overclocker, a Barton 2500+ and PC3200 RAM, preferrable PC3500) which lost the meaning of upgrade, you almost getting a new set of PC box except a new video card. If you have this kind of money why don't you just get the P4 2.4C with i865PE? Higher performance, higher overclockability, lower heat generation, lower noise, but then you'll find that you will have to spend big cash on them. You should see what I mean, getting into this upgrading nightmare is the worst thing ever in computing world, it never stop...

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  9. I don't think I am ready to drop the funds on a new mobo,cpu, and ram so thats not really an option right now.

    So I guess maybe I should just save up for the next major upgrade...

    As for what I use my comp for - the most intensive things are gaming and matlab.

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