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I just bought a 50" LG Plasma screen (LG 50PV450) and planed on connecting it with my computer. Its a Win7 with a Radeon HD 4800 graphic card that has a HDMI, VGA and DVI output.
I connected the screen via HDMI with the computer, set it to 1080p and adjusted the refrate to 24hz. The picture looks awesome, though I have a very subtle but visible flicker in white areas (white not moving areas, e.g. on a website). The flicker is also more visible from the corner of my eyes if I dont look at it directly.

I tried a bunch of different stuff: changing the refresh rate to 23 and 60 hz (60 hz seems to flicker a bit more), changing the resolution, connecting them via VGA etc. nothing seems to work.

So I contacted LG and AMD, asking if they have a solution for the problem. LG referred to the manual saying that I need to have certain horizontal and vertical refresh rates to get rid of the flicker:

Unfortunately I cant figure out how to adjust these fine settings - I only have the options for the general 23,24, 30, 60 and 75hz but not even a separate horizontal and vertical adjustment.

Does anybody has a solution for my problem? Is it the TV? Is it the graphic card? How can I get these refreshment settings, which graphic card supports it?

Thanks for your help guys!!
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  1. Okay - other question: does anybody connect his Plasma via HDMI to a computer? Do you have any problems with not moving picture?
  2. Nope, don't have one of those but maybe a bit of help... maybe.

    Open your Catalyst Control Center and check for things like interlace settings.

    That setting, if wrong, messes with any monitor. There are a few de-interlace methods available, try each one.
  3. Tried all the CCC settings, without success.
    I will try a new HDMI cable - maybe that helps....
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